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Why You Need Professional Water Care

Turners Watercare UK Ltd. can help you ensure your water systems achieve the hygiene levels required by law and provide a safe working environment for you, your staff & the public.

When did you last have YOUR water system checked ?

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We undertake all aspects of legionella risk assessment and control.

Areas Requiring Specific Attention
Legislation requires organisations to assess the risks to their water systems and have a formal programme of water sampling, cleaning & inspection. This programme must be supported by operating & maintenance instructions and a detailed log of such activities kept. All this can absorb your time and resources.

We can provide a tailor-made package that will provide all your water safety needs in compliance with legislation.

Identifying Problem Areas
The first step in any water safety programme is to conduct a thorough risk assessment. Our expert inspection team will map your water system in detail and identify potential sources of contamination.

The Solution
Turners Watercare UK offers a bespoke service that will monitor the hygene and safety of your water system and ensure that it complies fully with all the legal

requirements. First any problems identified in the risk assessment will be rectified. Our regular monitoring service, including microbiological sampling, temperature measurement and periodic inspections will fulfill Health & Safety guidelines.

Take Effective Action Now
Call us now or complete our online form and ask us to review your water safety needs. The initial assessment is free so you have nothing to lose.